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From the Archives- These posts have been resurrected from and surfaced as the best of my posts on NonSociety.

In the works is Lifecast 2.0. Please look forward to its launch on soon…

oh … hi.

I don’t really know where to begin, except to say that right now, at this very moment, I don’t want to write this entry.  I don’t want to write it not because it doesn’t need to be written – it does – but because I would rather take an Ambien, crawl into my bed and go to sleep.

After last night, in which I tossed and turned with anxiety until 6 am, at which point I fell into a nightmare-filled semi-sleep until 10 am, I decided, “Enough.”  In fact, the only thing I actually accomplished today was going to my [read more...]

Goodbye, for now.

Hello there.

Although I don’t know you and you don’t – let’s face it – really know me, we’ve been through a lot.  I started blogging in 2006, and began this lifecast in 2007.  I chugged away, dutifully recording these bits of my existence, photographing and captioning and – especially in the first years – reflecting quite a lot, ruminating on life, love, and happiness.  Sometimes I shared deeply personal stories with you, other times – lately – not much at [read more...]


I’m out in LA tomorrow filming a pilot until Thursday.  (This one is about dating, the last one was about fashion – and they’re not mutually exclusive, so I’m hoping BOTH get picked up.)

In any case, that, combined with my parents, brother & future sister-in-law arriving in New York on Thursday (I get back about 10 hours after them), the insanity of the bicoastal birthday bashes, then four days of meetings in SF … well, suffice it to say, I probably won’t be posting a lot (not even the usual photos with captions) over the next few days.

I’m [read more...]

I really should be heading over to my place to pack for tomorrow’s flight to LA (I’m holding up my eyelids, I’m so tired), but I wanted to address a few comments I’ve gotten recently …

I know Prom King has a tendency to plan – and execute – extravagant events.  He’s quite well-known among his circle for being, uh … in the kindest possible terms, “a former player” (that would be until a few months ago, FYI, hahah) … but he’s never done these sorts of things for any other girl he’s dated (his sister and [read more...]

A word about my "Romantic Life": Um … I’m not single anymore

I wrote the below entry back on December 2, 2009.  I did not, obviously, publish it.  Why?  For a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was – as I explain in the penultimate ‘graf – I was at a “very weird stage” with several young men.

And as you might have suspected, I am no longer at that weird stage.  I do, in fact, officially have a boyfriend. (whoa!!) That news is both joyful and bittersweet, because I grew to care for two of the young men very much.  They were – are – both good people, intelligent [read more...]

Erin just posted this photo on Facebook, of me and my little brother after New Years last week.

It might end up being my favorite photo of the evening, because it encompasses what I value most now in life: family, friends, love … spending time with the people you care about.

It’s hard to write that and not sound … hmmm … how shall I put it?  (Thinking of terms, all of them inappropriate)  Like a bit of a Pollyanna.  Family values?  That’s sort of … boring.  Doesn’t everyone love their family?  Their friends?

Well, we certainly [read more...]

I made this little Photo with Caption as a rah-rah empowerment tool – you know, like “Wouldn’t it be great if each one of us could find a wonderful photo of ourselves in a bikini laughing and label it with our real weight?” – to showcase ourselves feeling comfortable in a swimsuit and comfortable being honest about the number on the scale – to showcase that bikinis can still be sexy, even if you’re not a Victoria’s Secret Model.  That’s theoretically empowering, right?

Then I thought, “oh, Julia, what are you trying to prove??”  If this is [read more...]

NEWSWEEK End of the Decade Project "Top 10 Internet Memes" #2: Obama Girl

NEWSWEEK End of the Decade Project “Top 10 Internet Memes” #2: Obama Girl

And below, if you want to read the (slightly longer) version I turned into Newsweek:

December 3, 2009
By Julia Allison

“You seem to float onto the floor
Democratic Convention 2004
I never wanted anybody more …
cause I got a crush on Obama!”

June of 2007: the Democratic presidential nominee hadn’t yet been decided, even by the most precocious of pundits.  It was a slow news day (month, really) when a not-quite-professional YouTube music video featuring a sexy young girl singing about her love [read more...]


Brother Britt’s fiancee Allie, a fourth grade teacher in Boston, asks Britt to come into the school to give a special science lesson every quarter or so.  She sent us this email just before Thanksgiving, describing Mr. Britt’s lesson last week:

From: Allie
Date: November 24, 2009 7:52:32 PM EST
To: The Family
Subject: A very exciting day at school!

Mr. Britt did a FANTASTIC job today at school.  He gave three lessons on states of matter and air pressure to three different sets of [read more...]

Meghan sent me this site – – to check out.  I clicked on it and found this “To Do” List, which sent me into hysterical fits of laughter, because, well … I don’t know, it seemed like a list I would write myself.

Except, uh … without the “task completed” check marks.