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From the Archives- These posts have been resurrected from and surfaced as the best of my posts on NonSociety.

In the works is Lifecast 2.0. Please look forward to its launch on soon…

How I Afford to Travel So Goddamn Much

Money is something I’ve always been really open about, mainly because A) I like being open about most things and B) I never made any until recently.  It’s very easy to admit you make absolutely nothing, right?  Or maybe it’s not, but I always have anyway. :)

That said, I got the sense that the below email, despite being from a fan, was a bit, errr … passive aggressive. But email tone is tough, and I tried to silence the jaded, cynical, everyone’s-out-to-insult-you New Yorker in me.  Pushing that out of my mind, I sent [read more...]

THIS GUY is Joey Lekas, whom I hadn’t seen in a solid decade. Who is Joey Lekas, you ask?  Who INDEED.

Joey Lekas (who now surely goes by the less sophomoric moniker “Joe”) has the dubious distinction of being My Very First Date Ever in my now formidable 15-year Dating Career. (Mom: “You’ve now been dating longer than you’ve NOT been dating.”)

We were both driven (separately?  together?  I feel like I would remember had I been “OMG MOM!” Totally Traumatized by being driven together. Then again, I may have just blocked this memory out.) to Old [read more...]

Someone just wrote me an email about the “I’m sorry I was a tool about my weight” post, saying:

I’m just not buying it.  It’s your slant on what’s politically correct, vs. what Julia actually thinks.

No. It really was what I actually thought.  Think, rather.

The photo above was taken in the New York Public Library over the summer.  It hasn’t been photoshopped.  I weigh exactly 138 pounds in it, and I am 5 feet and four inches.

I think I look damn good, if I do say so myself.  Comfortable.  Happy.  Secure in my [read more...]

I’m sorry.

So … I wasn’t going to write this tonight, namely because it’s so important, and I’m so tired and really want to go to bed, but I’ll try to do this quickly.

I owe every woman who reads this website a massive apology: I. was. very. very. misguided. when I wrote that stupid post about my “stupid weight.”

Honestly, I realized it almost as I was writing it, which is why, towards the end, I asked rhetorically whether the sentiment was patently ridiculous:

“Although, frankly, part of me thinks this whole thing is really stupid, anyway.  Who cares about [read more...]

Several ladies have asked me about my makeup routine, which is, as you might imagine, somewhat … uh … formidable.

Now, I must preface this whole discussion by saying, point blank: I do NOT enjoy wearing makeup, so I won’t put it on unless I absolutely have to.  In my case, “absolutely have to” means the following: tv shows, photoshoots, tv photoshoots, photoshoots near a tv, prom, dates, prom dates, weddings and breakfast with my grandmother.

Pretty much any other time, I’m wearing none.  I’m not really a “dab of blush, bit o mascara” kind of girl.  [read more...]

The Strange Boomerang Law of Happiness

So, I just sent the adorable girlfriend of one of my exes a facebook message (we’ve talked many times before, so it wasn’t a first time thing) congratulating them on moving in together.  When I reread the note, I realized it was a bit … well … “overly nice.”  I mean, why would I be so happy they moved in together? (He did, after all, dump me for her.)  But actually?  I was.  I meant every word.

I sat there and thought about it for a bit, trying to figure out why I wasn’t just cool with it, but actively [read more...]

The Care Bears’ ultimate weapon is the “Care Bear Stare,” in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols. These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the target’s heart.

The Care Bears’ ultimate weapon is the “Care Bear Stare,” in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols. These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the target’s heart.


The Care Bears are now officially my mascot.  And anyone who tries to mess with me shall forthwith contend with a pretty ferocious J Bear Stare.

I’m practicing it on Lillydog right now.

This is me, at age 23, exactly five years ago this month, in Newport Beach, California, where I lived with my then-fiancé.

The photo was taken by him.  I don’t talk about that time in my life much, because, well, it’s a painful subject.

It strikes me that I look so young in this photo … like a baby, really.  Probably because I was.  So naive, so unbelievably clueless about how I would make a life for myself.

I had just graduated from college a few months before, and I spent the summer in Chicago while M [read more...]

The door will close on you 900 times.

The door will close on you 900 times.

a very wise 23-year-old, quoted here in a NYT story about fashion interns.

She’s absolutely right.  The door WILL close on you 900 times.  The trick is having the strength and the mental fortitude to try to open it the 901th time.

There is NO SUCH THING as an overnight success.  That it exists at all is one of the most insidious fallacies in the world – perpetuated largely by those who repeat tales of people they’ve never met who “just made it.”  Most articles or documentaries or cloying cover stories [read more...]

Hi. I’m Julia.

I am, as I say in my bio, personally & professionally, a handful. Also?

A rambunctious, inquisitive, sometimes over-enthusiastic “machine of happiness and non-sickening positivity in this cynical city.”

I’ve been a columnist at Time Out New York for the past two years, where I covered dating and Fashion Week, and before that, I was the editor-at-large for Star magazine, where I would go on tv (mostly MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews & Vh1) to talk about entertainment news.  Now I co-host a fun chat show called TMIweekly, which you [read more...]