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From the Archives- These posts have been resurrected from and surfaced as the best of my posts on NonSociety.

In the works is Lifecast 2.0. Please look forward to its launch on soon…

30 seconds ago.  I still have my (minimal) makeup on from tonight, but I’m pink GAP sweatshirt’d up.  I want to crawl into bed and spoon with Lilly, but I have to write an article that’s due tomorrow.

I think I may be a little drunk from the glass of wine I had at dinner, though.  Hmm.  Yep.  Blunk drogging, woo!

God, I remember when the three of us made that (DOA) website as a joke, while in Miami on vacation last February.  It seems like forever ago.  A different lifetime.

That’s the second time I’ve [read more...]

Unsolicited sartorial advice: REJECTED

“Stop dressing up like a Barbie doll. Trowelling on the makeup, headbands, girly dresses 24/7 — forgo the makeup, pull your hair back in a polytail [sic] and try jeans and a T-shirt every now and again. Way sexier. Men don’t want the crumpet all the time. They want someone normal.”

Someone named Bonnie just wrote this as a comment on the TMI Weekly episode about Thanksgiving.

What a strange thing to say to someone – to tell them how they should and should not dress.  And I write this as I’m lying in bed in sweatpants, a t-shirt, [read more...]

Sometimes I feel like Barack Obama is a character devised by Aaron Sorkin’s genius, and at the end of one of his speeches, credits will start to roll, like "Key Grip … Rahm Emmanuel, Best Boy … David Axelrod."

And here’s the next bet to make with your S.O./discussion questions to take to your next cocktail party:

1) Who will direct the first Obama election biopic?
2) When will it come out?
3) Who will play Barack & Michelle?

My guesses (based on nothing) are:

1) Steven Spielberg or Spike Lee
2) Fourth of July 2009
3) Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith.  Oprah will play herself.

I could tell you that I’ve voted in every Presidential election since I was 18 (I have), but I’ve never felt like this (I haven’t).  But you probably felt the same way. I could tell you how unbelievably excited I was for today, for watching the returns (I was). But you probably were too. I could tell you how I leapt out of my seat and screamed with joy when Obama was declared victor (I did).  But you probably did too.  I could go on about how I got chills and teared up during his acceptance speech [read more...]

A few thoughts.

(In response to this)

It’s not that I lack of enthusiasm or confidence – I really, REALLY don’t – and it’s not that I question whether I’m going to succeed at this or not (is there really another option??)  It’s that what I do comes with certain personal consequences, that, try as I might, I can’t seem to shake.  I’ve managed to minimize them, definitely, but at the cost of some of my candor.  You’ll notice I don’t speak of my dating life on this blog anymore, except in the most general of terms.  That’s not a coincidence, that’s [read more...]

The A.S.S. (Apartment Sleepover Selector)

WHAT FACTORS DETERMINE WHOSE PLACE YOU SLEEP AT?? (Whoever gets the most points, wins apartment-of-the-night award!)

1) Whose house is closest to where you are right then? – 4 points

2) Who has to get up earliest for work? – 3 points (if before 7 am, an extra 2 points)

3) Who has to travel farther for work? – 2 points

4) Whose place has closer transport? – 2 points

5) Whose place is more comfortable? (heat / ac / couch) – 3 points if hanging out on weekend, if merely weeknight sleepover, 0 points, but see #6.

6) Whose [read more...]

"The power dynamics of conquest"

But [The Game] does capture something about the power dynamics of conquest — something true.  Excelling at seduction means knowing how to best frame a hand: what cards to show, and when.

This, from an entirely irritating, pretentious and unnecessarily pleonastic review in The New Republic.

I would bet any amount of money the writer attended Harvard.  ANY AMOUNT.  Blah, blah, blah, shut-the-fuck-up-your-effete-review-makes-no-fucking-sense.

That said, I liked that one phrase: THE POWER DYNAMICS OF CONQUEST.

I wish someone would write 4000 words (or more!) on THAT.  It’s sort of turning me on just thinking about it.

SMUG UPDATE! [read more...]

From Slate’s Blogging for Dollars

This dovetails with a discussion I had last evening about the viability of being a full-time blogger and running a business (not to mention writing a column, plus producing and hosting a thrice-weekly webshow).  The verdict?  Not very doable – or at least not very doable WELL.

This issue – increasing quantity leads to decreasing quality – is so trite and OBVIOUS I’m almost embarrassed to spell it out.  But the model I’ve been using (the only model I’ve felt safe enough to use) has always been “keep-nine-projects-in-the-air-and-hopefully-two-will-work-out.”

[read more...]

On Thursday, during his birthday dinner.  He’s making fun of “The Julia Allison Pose.”  Har. Har. Har.

My father is notorious for giving me a hard time.

Below, I’m reposting my favorite “Meet My Dad” Tribute, in honor of his 60th birthday.

(New stuff – yes, it’s not just reruns – to come tomorrow.)

My dad is quite a character – almost 100% oblivious to pop culture (he once asked me “who this ‘Angelina’ character was”), he speaks thoughtfully, methodically, in an organized and disciplined fashion.  On birthdays and holidays like [read more...]

Yes, that’s me. No, they didn’t sink in.

In honor of his birthday, I’m reprinting the below column, which I wrote in honor of my Dad on Father’s Day 2006.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you.

JUNE 19, 2006

My father is not big or tall. He does not own shotguns. And he has never threatened to murder any of my boyfriends with his bare hands.

He doesn’t need bare hands – he’s a lawyer.  He cross-examines them to [read more...]