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From the Archives- These posts have been resurrected from and surfaced as the best of my posts on NonSociety.

In the works is Lifecast 2.0. Please look forward to its launch on soon…

PAGE SIX MAGAZINE DEBATE: Has NYC slipped as the best city for singles?


Most New Yorkers’ reaction to Forbes ranking us #8 best city for singles was more or less universal bafflement.  Were there even seven other cities in the US??  With, uh, singles, that is?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Rankings.  Rankings mean there are Winners and, more importantly, Losers who are Not Us!  But we’re clearly the best city to be single in – so how could we have lost?  Well, Forbes obviously wasn’t evaluating on the right merits (duh). They factored in “culture” (we came in third, losing to … LA???), nightlife (we won!), job growth (jobs [read more...]

So, last week I got an email from one of my favorite editors (Suzanne Zuckerman) over at Page Six magazine alerting me to this traffic-whoring servicey! Forbes listicle on the “Best City for Singles.”  With New York hovering at a dismal #8, did I think agree it was a crap city in which to be Single?

Well … no.  See above for my edited answer, and see the next post for the unedited version.

More importantly, what do you think?

Is NYC the #8 place to be single in America?

So. Forbes came out with this “dubious listicleranking America’s top cities for being single, because lord knows Americans love Rankings. Rankings mean there are Winners and, more importantly, Losers!  Even in categories that sort of can’t at all in any way be quantified!  No matter, sez Forbes.  Put a number next to it and declare it to be that number and then make up fake stuff called “methodology” and pretend you used it to get that number!  “Methodology” that includes stuff like “coolness,” and also “online dating” which is so obviously something that should be tied [read more...]

Re: Neighborhoods. So here’s the question …

I’ll tell you my knee-jerks, and you tell me yours.  And why, please!  I didn’t do that, because I am A) lazy and B) really fucking tired.  Email me

1) Which neighborhood is the best for being single?

West Village.  Duh.

Also perhaps the NYU area, where Meghan lives, near Mercer.  And I suppose the LES, although I don’t get over there that often lately.  But it does seem to be riddled with people who look as if they’re getting laid.

2) Which neighborhood do you want to be seen in these days?

West Village.  Duh.

And I guess, maybe [read more...]

The Most Exciting Post You’ll Ever Read

NONSOCIETY needs an intern to abuse! Or, three of them, actually.

Our current intern, Samantha, is going off to college, something I’ve discouraged for months now, but apparently “getting an education” is important to her. Whatever. If getting an education isn’t important to you, I highly recommend applying for the position of Official Awesome NonSociety Yay Intern Good Job! I’m warning you now … It’s pretty much the best career opportunity OF YOUR LIFE. Not much will compare to this experience, unless you happen to work at Bath & Body Works, which [read more...]

This week’s Time Out NY column, on the nagging inability to get over past loves.

Two caveats: 1) I wrote this about a month ago 2) below version is longer and unedited.

Photo, shot in my bedroom – featuring guest star Lilly! – by the incomparable Pickett.

Just Not That Over Him
by Julia Allison

“It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.” – Henry Rollins

I read that quote online the other week, on a day when I hadn’t been able to stop myself from thinking about him. Actually – more accurately – [read more...]

Just one of those days …

where nothing … at all … goes right.

I would actually love to cry right now, but I can’t. I haven’t cried in a really, really long time. Which is too bad, because it’s a wonderful release. I pretty much spent all four years of college crying. At least, that’s what it seems like from my journal / possibly revisionist memories.

It’s funny how you get to places in your life that should be so triumphant, like you’ve reached the top of a mountain (forgive me for the incredibly, horrifically cliched analogy), and you realize it’s JUST A PLATEAU and [read more...]

Photo sent to me today from our amazing puppy-sitters, the most Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood style couple (that’s my convoluted way of saying they’re good neighbors), who live three floors down and watch Mason and Lilly whenever Mary and I are away.

Successful memes like blogging, you mean?

Memeticists argue that the memes most beneficial to their hosts will not necessarily survive; rather, those memes that replicate the most effectively spread best, which allows for the possibility that successful memes may prove detrimental to their hosts.

- Kevin Kelly, biologist author of Out of Control: the new biology of machines, social systems, and the economic world


For what it’s worth

I’ve been struggling to come up with a way to explain how I feel about WIRED’s “Internet Famous: Julia Allison and the Secrets of Self-Promotion,” but I finally concluded that the following email exchange, with EIC Chris Anderson, does just fine.

And yes, I got his permission to reprint them here.


From: Julia Allison
Date: July 16, 2008 1:21 AM
To: Chris Anderson
Subject: thank you …

… for making the ballsy decision to do this story. I am beyond – beyond – honored and humbled to be on your cover.

I know you’ll get a ton of flack for it, and for [read more...]