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Parties & Events

Join us in LA as I emcee this Friday’s Dream Date Auction to support Colon Cancer Awareness!

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month and colon awareness charity Chris4Life is heading west for the second year in a row to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills to host LA’s Dream Date Auction. The highly anticipated annual event will feature a variety of “star power” from TV personalities, The Bachelor series reality stars, and Hollywood notables – all ready to show their love to help raise money for colon cancer patients. Co-Chairs are oncololgist Dr. Paul Song, his wife journalist Lisa Ling (the host of the Oprah Winfrey Network show Our America) and Robert Egger founder of DC Central Kitchen who has landed in LA with L.A. Kitchen.  Coincidentally, L.A. Kitchen’s Board Chair [read more...]


Elle Logo

NOVEMBER 18, 2011

December ELLE cover girl Jessica Biel glowed Tuesday evening at an intimate Chateau Marmont dinner celebration hosted by ELLE’s Joe Zee and TOD’S Signature collection.

“We wanted something different, something more intimate,” said TOD’S Sarika Rastogi of the chic soirée.  “A small sit down dinner.  The Chateau’s just really hip and classic; it’s always a cool vibe. There’s just so much history here!”

“We shot Jess my very first cover of ELLE in June of 2007, so this is a reunion of [read more...]

With Allison Janney at Fashion Week 2008!

Lipstick Jungle Premiere Party

Last Night

Yesterday was one of those dear god, just get me through this days  … I did shows on three networks (FoxNews, Fox Business, and one that will be broadcast both here and in China!) and two evening events – one book party at the Bloomingdale’s in Soho for Imogen Lloyd-Webber (yes, the daughter of Andrew, and yes, she’s STUNNING and yes, she went to Cambridge.  Totally unfair combo, of course), and then a brief stop at the Radar party.

Below, a few photos from the Soho book party.

[read more...]

Quality Family Time, Wedding Edition.

My beautiful cousin Andrea got married on Sunday in Santa Barbara, California, and my entire family was there.  My parents live in Chicago, my brother in Boston, my grandparents in LA, so I don’t get to see them together frequently.  I don’t feel like that’s the way things should be, but I’m not moving to any of those cities anytime soon.  I spent more hours on various airplanes and connecting airports than I did at the actual wedding, but I could have traveled for a week straight and it would have still been worth it.

Anyway, here’s a little [read more...]

Saturday Night, Cubing.

No, I didn’t misspell "Clubing."  CUBEEEE-ING.

Saturday night I was at Jakob, Ricky, Josh and Zach’s Rubik’s Cube party in Tribeca.  The concept of such a party, in case you’ve never had the pleasure of attending one (and I highly recommend it), is that you come dressed in the six colors of a Rubik’s Cube – namely, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE and WHITE.  Then, throughout the evening you switch colors with someone else until you’re all one color.  How brilliant is that??

Although, I have to admit, I liked my original outfit so much [read more...]

Google Knows How to Party! Wasted Two Hours of My Life.

Their "party" yesterday night really blew.  And it’s not just because they didn’t yet have a Google Husband Finder (TM), even though I asked specifically for them to get on that, already.  It’s because of (but not limited to):

1) them having security that would be appropriate if we were entering Angelina & Brad’s hotel room, or, say, The Pentagon, but yeah, not really for a "consumer media welcome event."  There were like four checkpoints, and more Google employees "monitoring" the room than actual reporters attending the event.  Also, they actually [read more...]

Stand up comedy, done sitting down

What, like you don’t bring your laptop to amateur charity stand up comedy events FOR THE TROOPS?
Yeah, I didn’t exactly, uh … prepare ahead of time.  But I have to say, being able to check your email in the middle of a set is a huge bonus.

PS.  You may think I have no creativity lately with which to spice up my outfits.  Incorrect.  I have no money lately with which to shop for new ones!  Thus, [read more...]

The Opera

Dr. Bobby and I went to the Metropolitan Opera to see Romeo & Juliet on Tuesday night.  It was gorgeous (of course), and the vocal gymnastics blew my mind, although to be honest, the story’s been getting on my nerves lately.  I saw R&J at Shakespeare in the Park earlier this summer with my mom, and for some reason it pissed me off that they fell in love after like, 2 minutes.  It’s hard to feel badly for a lovelorn couple when they DON’T EVEN FREAKING KNOW EACH OTHER.  Am I being too literal?  It just rang hollow [read more...]