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And we’re off! To SFO we go, 747 style.

I thought I’d seen it all – but apparently not. Ads on escalator handles at O’Hare?!??

Last Christmas tree photograph from this weekend.  And yes, it even snowed that day. Like something out of a John Hughes movie, without the whole Macaulay Culkin part.

Christmas tree shopping today at New Trier

Just landed in Chicago – with The stowaway!!

Up in the air, indeed!

Well, obviously I need to get these “Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirts” for my entire family.

Except, uhh … I don’t find them ugly?

So, I don’t regret The Red Hair of Summer 2009 (hey! Nothing wrong with a little experimentation; I definitely needed to get it out of my system), but my locks took quite a beating, and for almost 18 months afterwards … errr … how shall I put this?  My hair looked like crap.

I grew out the worst of the damage thanks entirely to the insanely talented “hair whisperer” Ryan at Ryan Darius Salon, alternating Platinum Seamless extensions, some really gentle dark brunette dye (the red just didn’t want to leave), and Keratin Complex [read more...]

Just purchased this sparkly, sheer black holiday dress from Modcloth. Still a little unclear on what, exactly, I’ll put underneath, though. Is this one of those “I can get away with a black bra” situations, or does it require a black tank top?

Katrina, care to weigh in?