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Gelf Magazine:

To know Julia Allison is to look into the heart of modern media itself. That glittering, put-your-brand-on-everything-you-can-get-your-hands-on ethos—augured by that Time Person of the Year cover with the faux-reflective computer screen (It’s You! Get it?)—is a good paradigm for understanding Allison, but there’s more. A lot more.

A former editor-at-large at celebrity rag Star and relationships columnist at amNY and Time Out, Allison has since given her undivided attention to the internet; that it took eight-odd weeks after her appearance at Gelf’s Non-Motivational Speaker Series for Allison to rap with us is a testament to [read more...]

Top 5 ways to be an Internet success

Meme (n.) is a term coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene, in his explanation of how concepts, thoughts, learned behaviors (or, er…your brand), etc., self-replicate throughout a culture like a virus. The good news (for you!): The creation of online systems of transmission (MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia), with their myriad channels for exposure—and resulting adoption and mutations—has exponentially sped up meme transmissions. We hardly need to rattle off the interminable list of Internet celebs who’ve “gone viral” to appreciate that success online is imminently achievable—and luckily (for most of us), it has nothing to [read more...]

Radar magazine

WIRED’s August 2008 cover: Julia Allison and the Secrets of Self-Promotion

Time Out New York’s February 2008 cover

The New York Post’s Page Six magazine



Julia Allison is a columnist for Time Out New York and cofounder of She’s got 350 on-air appearances on MSNBC, CNN and more under her belt, and she’s been featured in a wide range of publications, including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and Page Six magazine.


After completing her political science studies at Georgetown in 2004, where she contributed a column to the school’s newspaper, Julia Allison began writing weekly columns for AM New York, which garnered her a lot of attention. She began appearing in other publications like Cosmopolitan, Maxim, New York [read more...]

Selected Excerpts:

Selected Excerpts:

Her life is her brand, and her brand is her job.

A Google search of Julia Allison returns 154,000 results and 27,000 people search Google for her on a monthly basis (according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool). As I walked into her studio apartment/office in Clinton, however, I wondered what it has accomplished for her. My first inclination was to attempt to uncover what she believed her business, NonSociety, actually to be, so that I could easily challenge her business model.

Assuming that she planned to get paid at some point, it [read more...]

Sheridan Road Magazine

Sheridan Road Magazine: A Media Goddess

Wilmette native Julia Allison has created a name for herself in New York’s media industry. She gives a lot of credit to her time at New Trier High School, where she gained her indefatigable ambition.

By Evangeline Politis

New Trier graduate Julia Allison seems to be involved in every aspect of media in New York City. Over the past few years, she has done nearly 400 television appearances on networks such as Fox News and CNN. As a talking head, she has discussed everything from Britney Spears’ custody fight to American [read more...]

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