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Quintessentially Magazine – I Adore NY: Meghan Asha & Julia Allison On All the Skinny

Quintessentially Magazine – I Adore NY: Meghan Asha & Julia Allison On All the Skinny

JA: Is there anything more New York than the Four Seasons? I had one of my best ever dates here. He bought me the cotton candy- so romantic!
Where else do you eat?
JA: The Waverly Inn. I’m obsessed with it, although I realize it’s not cool to be obsessed with something so trendy. Small, amazing West Village atmosphere. There’s an understated class and air about it. But its still homey. I go once every couple of weeks. The maitre’d there, Larry, is [read more...]

New York Magazine

November 2008 – Elle UK

November 2008 – Elle UK

Shoes, guys, gadgets

By David Sarno & Maria Russo

Over the last half-decade, enterprising Web auteurs have created — and we’re ballparking, but this feels right — hundreds of original Internet TV series. There are production companies that churn them out, websites that warehouse them, and vast armies of amateurs who own a camera and aren’t afraid to use it. But from that crowded landscape of Web TV shows, who among us can name more than, we don’t know, two? Even the standouts — “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” “Pink,” “You Suck at Photoshop” — fade quick: When [read more...]

Julia Allison [is now] one of Wired’s best-selling cover subjects of the past eight years.

The tech magazine’s August issue sold about 103,000 copies on the newsstand, according to numbers filed with ABC Rapid Report. That makes it the second-biggest seller of the year, after the April issue, which featured a cover story about every tech obsessive’s favorite topic, Apple, and sold 105,000 newsstand copies.

In fact, since 2000, only two other issues have sold more on the newsstand: February 2007, which featured “PC Guy” John Hodgman on the cover, and August 2006, [read more...]


Julia Allison talks to PRWeek about the tricky business of being a Web celebrity in the age of personality journalism.

PRWeek: Your Wired Magazine cover generated a lot of controversy. What are your thoughts on being the poster child for Internet celebrity?

Julia Allison: It was a great to be a part of that. But … my true goal was never fame. I wanted two things: for editors to publish my work and for people to read my work. I think the piece may have [made it look] like I wanted to be [read more...]

Marie Claire UK

WIRED cover, on the newsstands

I am five minutes late to catch Julia Allison’s latest publicity stunt — literally five minutes — but I can see from two blocks away that she has already drawn a crowd. There she is, at the epicenter of Times Square. About a dozen tourists surround her, and more join every minute. All around them, theater marquees and building-sized billboards jostle for attention, but they are no match for Allison.

She has asked a few friends to join her this afternoon — former hedge-fund analyst Meghan Asha, handbag designer Mary Rambin, and Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of [read more...]