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April 13, 2008: CNN’s RELIABLE SOURCES

April 13, 2008: CNN’s RELIABLE SOURCES

Up next, she doesn’t really report or write, except on her very personal blog. But Julia Allison keeps getting profiled by big-deal publications and may get her own reality show. Why do some people keep trashing her?


KURTZ: Somewhere at this very moment Julia Allison is being gossiped about. And boy has she given the tongue waggers plenty of material.

“Star” magazine’s editor-at-large has a very personal blog. She has been profiled lately by “The New York Times,” the “L.A. Times,” and Media Bistro. And she’s pitching [read more...]

The Guardian

About her, someone said the following:

Yesterday and today, the Times profiled three women in media: Time Out [dating] columnist and Star talking head Julia Allison, Huffington Post founder and pundit Arianna Huffington, and Bravo and Oxygen president Lauren Zalaznick. Despite differences in their ages and careers, the three of them seem of a type: They’re good-looking, ambitious career women with fourth-wave feminist ethoses and a knack for self-promotion. Below, see if you can match the media lady to her Times story.

1. About her, someone said the following:
a) “She’s had at least nine lives. Someone will turn it into an opera. [read more...]

MAYBE, just maybe, if Carrie Bradshaw, the dynamo at the center of the phenomenally successful television series “Sex and the City,” were still in her 20s and just starting her ascent into New York life in 2008, maybe, just maybe, she would be like Julia Allison, who this evening is sitting leggily astride a leather ottoman in Houston’s, a bar in the Flatiron District.

Ms. Allison is chattering animatedly about her popular relationship blog and about the consequences of sharing the details of one’s intimate life on the Web.

More on this later, but in summary: [read more...]

March 30, 2008 – New York Times: Web & the Single Girl

The Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair fabrication scandals may have damaged journalism, but those only really affected the small portion of news consumers who read. For us picture-looking news consumers, what I’ve discovered may be far more disappointing. After a series of phone calls to secret sources, I found out that most of the celeb-mag “editors” who appear on TV don’t actually edit, write or in any way help produce the magazine. Instead, Star, US, Life & Style, In Touch, InStyle and People find attractive people and pay them to go on TV and talk about articles [read more...]

The New York Post’s Page Six Magazine

“Attention whore,” “slut with a pen,” “useless ho-bag, “Chiclet-toothed asshole,” “old, ugly and over” (at 26, no less!) and—my personal favorite—“dumber than an autistic child.” Almost immediately after I began writing a dating column several years ago, critics/bloggers tore me apart.

Why? Because I had the “audacity” to be myself—and then market it: Julia Allison™. (Isn’t that terminology totally obnoxious???) To me, this means being outspoken, brutally, sometimes uncomfortably honest, imperfect but positive. This is self-marketing. And every single person should do it.

People get marketing all wrong. They think it’s all about trying to [read more...]

Time Out New York Cover Shoot Behind the Scenes Video

(Shot & edited by Eric Lodwick, featuring stylist Mary Rambin, makeup artist Annamarie Tendler, and photographer Devon Steigerwald)

Time Out New York’s cover package