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On Sunday’s “Reliable Sources,” Howie Kurtz discussed the recent brou-ha-ha over Jennifer Love Hewitt and the unflattering bikini shots of her published on TMZ (well, it was more recent last weekend when it was discussed on Fox News Watch! Just sayin’). Kurtz discussed the matter with CNN’s Carol Costello and Star Editor-at-Large Julia Allison. While Allison’s web-savvy (and, er, awareness of female body image in the media) are well-documented, Costello seemed a bit less than familiar with the current state of the gossip bloggerati:

COSTELLO: We’re talking about TMZ, which is [read more...]

New York Press cover story

Selected Excerpts from the New York Press cover story, Dec 5, 2007


The price of fame has dropped to $20 a month, payable to Verizon Wireless.

Anyone armed with a broadband connection, a high-concept storyline and the ability to type faster than 50 words a minute can now invent celebrity for themselves overnight, without a single genuine accomplishment to their name. It’s a variation on the 1954 George Cukor movie, It Should Happen To You, in which an unknown girdle model named Gladys Glover buys a billboard in Columbus Circle with her name on it, then [read more...]

Nick Denton

By Emily Steel

Valleywag might not be dead, but it’s not in a valley anymore.

Forecasting major gloom and doom for online media industry, Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton made public Wednesday his decision to fold its tech gossip blog Valleywag into New York media blog Gawker.

The news set off a rumor mill throughout the tech world, as readers and industry insiders predicted that the blog is teetering on extinction. A highly read site in the San Francisco Bay Area since it was launched in 2006, Valleywag [read more...]

When The New York Times hired 21-year-old Brian Stelter to write about digital media and television for the paper’s Business section, most stories about the hire noted two things: Mr. Stelter’s age, and his success in turning TV Newser, a blog about, mostly, cable TV, into a must-read in the industry.

Three months later, it seems clear the hire means a lot more than that. It’s a sign that the Times is transforming its oldest institutional prejudices and promoting its reporters as brands in themselves.

Mr. Stelter was hired under The New York Times’ “8i” [read more...]

The Tampa Tribune

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — On Aug. 1, the widely followed Romenesko Web site posted links to more than a dozen stories about News Corp.’s agreement to buy Dow Jones & Co. For serious media watchers, it was an orgy of information.

I was drawn to this headline: “WSJ editor: Deal won’t change what we do in the newsroom.” This memo reinforced my hope that the Journal (a Dow Jones /quotes/comstock/15*!nwsa/quotes/nls/nwsa (NWSA 8.60, -0.23, -2.60%) unit, as is MarketWatch, the publisher of this column) intended to remain uncompromised.’s Doree Shafrir did the piece. [read more...]


with Michael Arrington last Saturday night at some Laughing Squid party

So maybe someone can explain this to me -  let’s just say, theoretically, you express an interest in somewhat geeky tech guys*.  Let’s say you express this interest whilst at a party full of said guys, in front of a girl video blogger.  And let’s further say that this blogger decides that your interest in the aforementioned guys is directly correlated with your interest in their high valuations, despite you saying nothing of [read more...]

What I Sound Like in the Morning, On Speaker.

Nothing to do for the next sixty or so minutes? Why not listen to a tinny version of me talking to the editors of Amore magazine right after I woke up one morning last week? I’m not sure I say anything amusing, but I do talk for quite some time. Whatever, it’s either that or you can actually do work for your job or something. I understand if you choose the latter.

My Father: Way Smarter / More Photogenic than Me

My dad, rocking it in Crain’s Chicago Business this week.

Gawker + Julia = 4Ever

Umm … right.

Or until the next morning, when they wake up sober and disoriented, wondering why they ever got in bed with me.  Even if it could plausibly be construed as a hate f—k.

Enjoy the February Pinup photos here (caveat – NSFW … or parents.)

And, er … the "making of" video here.

In my defense, I was … wait.  Nope.  Wasn’t drunk at all.  Damn.