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My Valentine’s Day Gift To You …

Yeah, I didn’t get you roses.  Or candy.  Or a red iPod engraved "Will you just sleep with me already?"

But in honor of the upcoming holiday, I will give you the link to my first – and only – foray into acting.

That’s right … below, Georgetown Film Festival’s Best Picture Winner 2004, DOGNAP.

The ‘napped dog in question is, of course, my very own Lilly Priscilla, DC’s best known shih-tzu.  As for me, well, I don’t think casting directors will be banging down my door – I was told by the directors to "play myself" [read more...]

Dubious Honors Are My Favorite Kind of Honors

with Gawker Managing Editor and Balthazar breakfaster Lockhart Steele

So sweet, those munchkins over at Gawker.  They’ve named me one of their 2006 Personalities of the Year, which means that it’s all downhill from here, obviously.  After all, where else could I be on a list with Judith Regan, Tinsley Mortimer and Jared Kushner?  Um … nowhere else, I assure you.

Apparently I’ve made their lives "that much more tolerable this year."  If only my editors/boyfriends/parents felt the same way.

Breaking Not At All Breaking In Any Way: Guys Want Hookups, Girls Want to Date, Geriatric Pillowfight Ensues

"I thought I told you ‘No more hooking up without commitment,’ you old-ass motherfucker! … My oxytocin is acting up again."

An adorable senior at Columbia rang me the other month to ask a few questions about "hooking up" for an article she was writing.  Big mistake; I’m difficult to silence after I launch into the subject.  After listening to me ramble for what must have been at least an hour (the poor thing) she actually managed to derive something mildly coherent out of the mess.  Impressive.

Here’s the result:  [read more...]

Puppy Langdon Gets His First Gawker Mention; Concerned about “Overexposure”

Yeah, I look like crap when I get up in the morning.   But Langdon (and Lilly) pretty much look suave no matter what time it is.  Especially when they’re pimped out in blue and pink tee shirts.

Oh, like you thought I wouldn’t dress up my dogs??

Gawker + Julia = BFF

Dearest Gawker,
Kiss my ass.   :-)
Your Best Friend

PS.  I got a B+ in journalism class, bitches.
Okay.  Maybe it was a B.

Internizing – Like Womanizing. But Younger.

Our most favoritest Washington interns EVER!

BREAKING NEWS: DC Interns Are Hot and Everyone Wants a Piece of Them

Yes, that’s the real title.  I swear.  Subtle, eh?

Mike Hume, a fellow Georgetown grad and reporter for the Falls Church News-Press, takes on the sordid world of HOT DC INTERNS and the MEN WHO WANT TO BANG THEM.  (And yes, I realize the article appeared like, over a month ago, but as you may have noticed, I’m not exactly known for my timeliness.)

[read more...]

Jogging for Jesus … Holla!

This is what one does “for fun” at Catholic schools like, uh, Georgetown …

Wait, who’s that girl in the pink with the small white dog????
I take no responsibility for my ridiculous outfit. I was a senior in college and largely devoid of logic. Given, that was only two years ago …

Ooo Ooo Pick ME! Pick MEEEE!!!

I officially nominate myself, (see photo below, in Congressional office 5 years ago), for the Hill Intern Hotties Contest, sponsored by Wonkette, authority on Governmental Hotness (or lack thereof).
DC 2001.JPG
Okay, soooo … actually, I’m not an intern on the Hill. In fact, although the photo above was taken during the inauguration (2001) at the Congressional office where I worked, I’ve never been an intern on the Hill. Which, I suppose, pretty much rules me out of the running. hmmm … or DOES IT?
… thinking …
[read more...]