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CNN: Newsroom Roundtable

CNN March 2013

Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin
March 5, 2013 

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

WSJ VIDEO: Julia Allison of “Miss Advised” Does Yoga to Stay in Reality

Julia Allison of “Miss Advised” Does Yoga to Stay in Reality
The Wall Street Journal
By Katherine Rosman
October 1, 2012

Fox’s Good Day Chicago

Fox’s Good Day Chicago
June 4, 2012

Watch video here

December’s Jetblue Citybuzz Fashion Insider segment!

I love just about every outfit in this video. Plus, the song is undeniably catchy. ;)

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful campaign, and I salute all of the public figures who chose to participate in it – and all of the people who take a stand and say what everyone should already know: “Bullying is never acceptable.”

Preppy Uniforms + Katy Perry Music + A Capella + Gay Undertones = Pretty Much One of the Best Things I Have Ever Seen on TV I teared up.

I teared up around 2:35 when everyone joined in waving their arms.  There was something so special about that moment. Can you imagine disembarking to THAT??  I’d fly every day. ;)

“Everybody should be welcomed home like that.” Damn straight!  You listening, O’Hare?  hahaha

As all of my friends know, I recently became quasi full out obsessed with the effervescent angel Taylor Swift (and her powerful, beguiling new album, “Speak Now”). This video interview is a testament to why.