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Hollywood Life: Julia Allison Finds Love on BRAVO’s Miss Advised

Julia Allison Finds Love on BRAVO’s Miss Advised
Hollywood LifeBy Andy Swift
June 19, 2012 

Julia gives the scoop on Bravo’s new reality dating series, and the biggest mistakes she made filming it.

The June 18 series premiere of Bravo’s introduced Miss Advised introduced — or, rather, re-introduced — America to Julia Allison, a New York City journalist-turned-Los Angeles reality star, and her mission to find Mr. Right.

“New York dating wasn’t bringing out the best in my any longer,” Julia tells of her decision to head west. “It was bringing out my aggressive, ambitious and slightly caustic self. I chose L.A. because I thought that was the antithesis of that.”

Of course, Julia learned very quickly that she’d have to change more than just her surroundings if she hoped to meet the right guy. She’d also have to change — wait for it — herself!

“I had trouble segueing my dating habits from the New York scene, which is super aggressive, and that wasn’t going over well here,” she admits. “The guys here were just like, ‘Hey, you wanna hang? Yeah, whenever. Just wear some jeans.’”

And while she went into Miss Advised with the best of intentions — she’s very aware of how society views whacked-out reality stars, thanks to her years spent covering them — Julia admits she totally fell prey to several reality pitfalls.

“I am incredibly light drinker,” she points out. “I went into the show thinking, ‘I will not take a single sip of alcohol.’ I used to record the number of sips I took in an iPhone app. … But I feel like I cried every episode. You’re in this emotional state, thinking about finding your life partner, and that does tend to make you want to cry and drink.”

So did she find Mr. Right throughout the course of filming the show? “I definitely fell in love,” she admits. “But we’ll have to wait and see whether he’s Mr. Right.”

New episodes of Miss Advised air Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo!

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