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Nice(ish) Things People Have Written about Julia

“Julia Allison is not dead.” – The New York Observer, June 2012

“The most famous young journalist in the city.” – New York Magazine

“One of the most media-savvy twentysomethings in New York.” – Market Watch

“Among the best-known [dating] columnists of her generation.”  – The New York Times

“To know Julia Allison is to look into the heart of modern media itself.” – GELF magazine

“The marketing machine.” – Newsweek, March 2010

“Julia is now a recognized expert in using new media to create and perpetuate a personal brand online.”  –

“She’s enchantingly engaging, addictive to speak to, and a master at controlling the message she wants to convey (i.e., her brand). Her charm is intoxicating, infectious, and disarming. The celebrity of Julia Allison has not peaked.” – The Huffington Post, March 2009

“Other brands need to study how Julia pulled off one of the best PR success stories in digital media … Julia is one of the best PR minds of a new era of digital media.  Imagine if she put this energy into your crappy product.” –

“One of the first people to harness web 2.0 and leverage her own personality to make something of a name, and a paycheck, for herself.” -, Feb 2010

“She turned out to be the most intelligent, sophisticated person I’ve come across in a long time.  And she understands the media like no one else.” - world renowned photographer Platon, as quoted in WIRED

“[Allison] has made the process of self-promotion into its own freaky art form. Traditionally, it takes an army of publicists, a well-connected family, or a big-budget ad campaign to make this kind of splash. But Allison has done it on her own and on the cheap, armed only with a healthy helping of Web savvy.” – WIRED cover story, August 2008

“[Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift] pointed to Julia Allison’s rise from obscurity via her video blog, NonSociety, and other social tools, which he said shows ‘what’s possible with no resources [and] no agency’ …  She’s a lesson for a $50 billion-plus behemoth like Unilever, Mr. Clift said. ‘It is possible to become famous on a dollar and a dream. Imagine what’s possible to do with our brands and our resources.’”  – AdAge, April 2009

“She’s actually a machine of happiness and non-sickening positivity in this cynical city.” - Patrol Magazine, April 2009

“Internet sensation” -

“When it comes to tech-savvy personal branding, she’s the poster child.” – Laptop magazine, July 2009

“Allison, in fact, is a genius.” – Joel Stein in The LA Times

“One of Wired’s best-selling cover subjects of the past eight years … [she] outsold a host of genuine celebrities, including Sarah Silverman (Feb. 2008), Rupert Murdoch (July 2006), Jon Stewart (Sept. 2005) and Steven Spielberg, twice (June 2002 and June 2005).” –

A Web celebrity in the age of personality journalism.” – PR week

“She used this medium and became unstoppable. She just made it happen in a way that seemed seamless and kind of magical.” – Choire Sicha, former managing editor of Gawker

“She’s combined Paris Hilton’s love for the camera with Ann Coulter’s willingness to be quoted saying anything, anytime, and Ayn Rand’s ruthless brand of self-preservation.” – The New York Observer

“She’s great on camera.” – LA Times

“Indomitable.” –

“Eminently quotable, generally unflappable.” – Radar Magazine

“Julia Allison is an American original.” – Michael Wilbon of the ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption

“She’s not just a fluke or a pretty face … she’s a savvy business woman.” – BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy

“Goody-two-shoes.” – Salon

“B-list television personality.” – Financial Times (I wish.)

“She’s a very smart cookie. Very smart. She can intelligently discuss lots of things.”  – NYU economist Nouriel Roubini in Portfolio magazine

“Julia is—get this—SMART.” – BusinessWeek editor Bruce Nussbaum

“[Julia Allison]’s actually being launched into space soon. So that she’s like, one of the first things aliens learn about us.  You know: Beethoven, math … Julia Allison.” – TIME’s Ana Marie Cox

“I’m in love with your dog.”  – MTV Star Brigitte Dale

“I admire your resilience, charisma, and well— I was going to say ‘pluck,’ but I generally prefer ‘balls.’” – Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody

“I was also rejected for a job at bath and body works.” – Ashton Kutcher