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In San Francisco at PUBLIC bikes, before my little test ride yesterday.

My grandmother today, with my new bicycle, “Pink Petal” and a pair of pretty amaze-ballz Lilly Pulitzer pants.

This clearly is where I get my enduring love of bright colors, specifically pink.  :)

My grandmother LOOOOOVED my new pink bike (here in her back garden, which she tends to herself.)

She is also quite concerned that I don’t have an odometer yet, as she says she logged a thousand miles on her powder blue cruiser before she felt that it was no longer safe to ride (at her age, she explains, she doesn’t have the balance she used to have when she was younger).

It makes me sad she can no longer ride.  I would have loved to just pop on our pink & blue ‘cycles & cruise the nabe [read more...]

Despite the fact that I wax poetic about my perfectly adorable, unbelievably reliable, energy saving, exercise inducing Mary Poppins (“practically perfect in every way”) of a transportation device, Cupcake, I haven’t actually been called out for being too obsessed … yet.  Alas, I fear the time is nigh, because I’m about to actively admit how ridiculously excited I am about, um …  Cupcake’s new basket liner.

But NOT JUST ANY BASKET LINER, mind you!  A custom made pink heart basket liner from THE basket maker to the bicycle stars – Betty Basket Liners.  Dustin, my man [read more...]

Our bike ride today was quite possibly one of the most magical experiences I’ve had in my six years in New York.

Honestly, I don’t know how I lived here without a bicycle.

Lillydog in the basket today, halfway through our bike ride around the Central Park – we made the entire circle!

With my beloved beach bike, “Cupcake” at Morandi in the West Village for dinner with Katrina & my friend Christine the other eve.

Yes.  I named my bike.