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Do you agree?

I’m starting to work on a piece for Valentine’s Day (a shocking six weeks hence), and so I’d like to ask you:

How do you know it’s love … and not just lust?

Or, as Meghan and I like to say, when do you know for certain you’ve passed the point of “Lovst” (that gray in-between area: not just lust anymore, but not quite love yet) and entered into actual LOVE?




Last week, I got a call from an ex of mine, a man I truly believed I would one day find in a tux at the end of the aisle on my wedding day.  He’s been dating the same girl since we broke up two years ago, and although I knew it was a theoretical possibility, I had (delusionally) hoped the moment which came next I could somehow avoid: “Julia,” he said, “I’m going to marry her.”

I promptly burst into hysterical tears.  This news officially made me a Wife Fluffer – and [read more...]

At Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes for the beginning of Date 2: The Ultimate NYC Christmas Extravaganza with Prom King, who, despite being 100% Jewish, planned the entire hysterical, adorable, red & green evening.

PLUS he wore a special Xmas sweater (bought for the occasion) that he worried “wasn’t cheesy enough.”

I couldn’t stop laughing.  Who knew lawyers were so awesome??

Henri Bendel’s red bow headband, Target “I believe” red santa tee, American Apparel green skirt, Bloomingdale’s Hue red tights, Nine West green suede heels (in other photos from tonight – J. Crew coat, GAP red [read more...]

Wherein I attempt to talk about my love life without actually saying anything or upsetting anyone. This, by the way, is hard. Also? Not much fun.

I just wrote this whole ridiculously long post about my love life and at the end of it I realized, “This is going to be totally misconstrued and wreck havoc in my life and that is the ANTITHESIS of my goal.”  So I trashed it.  Sigh.

The point was pretty much this: due to the bad behavior of a few people on a certain website, it doesn’t seem that I can talk openly about my dating life much, ever – even with Code Names.

Which is too bad, because most of the men I see think it’s really fun [read more...]

Joey Lekas responds to the vivid portrait of My Very First Date Ever!

Apparently he did pay.  WHEW.

All is right with the world.


I’m going to have to get him to sign some sort of affidavit that Future Dates can read.

So, Prom King’s best friend “J” and I have known each other for two years, and J set us up three weeks ago (yes, it took that long to actually find a free night in my schedule here in New York!). Although I’d glanced at his Facebook profile, I had never met him before – so technically, this date was blind.

When we first started chatting via text, I told him that I abhorred the mind-numbing usual bulls—t of Dinner & Drinks.  In fact, I believe I borderline begged him for something – ANYTHING! – different.

Thus: [read more...]


(This photo taken while sticking head out of limo’s sunroof.  Like … uh … I was at THE PROM!!!)