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[YOU HAVE UNTIL 8 PM!!] Crazy / Beautiful Holiday Hook Up Stories – send them to me please!

Here’s my experience with Holiday Dating:

2005: Had a boyfriend, brought him home, parents hated him, was complete disaster. 2006: I was ending one relationship and starting another, but they had overlapped a bit (bad idea), and one flew out to Chicago to convince me to spend New Years with him instead of … you know, I don’t think I’m ready to tell this story yet. … [Yes, it’s that bad. Really, really, really bad.] 2007: I got brutally dumped right before Christmas, about ten days before he was supposed to come home with me, but canceled the trip – [read more...]

"Maybe your ideal man is one you’d like to stop moving so fast for?"


Not sure.  I need a lot of stimulation, a lot of conversation, a lot of thought and a lot of discussion in my relationships.

But I think he does make some valid points – maybe I’ve let my Manhattan-fuelled ambition, which can be quite uncomfortable and which I eventually hope will calm down a bit (for my sanity’s sake!), dominate my dating life.

That said, I’m not sure I could respect a man without as much ambition as me.

Then again, my idea of an amazing night is lying in bed talking.  And really, how ambitious is that?

From: [read more...]

The A.S.S. (Apartment Sleepover Selector)

WHAT FACTORS DETERMINE WHOSE PLACE YOU SLEEP AT?? (Whoever gets the most points, wins apartment-of-the-night award!)

1) Whose house is closest to where you are right then? – 4 points

2) Who has to get up earliest for work? – 3 points (if before 7 am, an extra 2 points)

3) Who has to travel farther for work? – 2 points

4) Whose place has closer transport? – 2 points

5) Whose place is more comfortable? (heat / ac / couch) – 3 points if hanging out on weekend, if merely weeknight sleepover, 0 points, but see #6.

6) Whose [read more...]

PAGE SIX MAGAZINE DEBATE: Has NYC slipped as the best city for singles?


Most New Yorkers’ reaction to Forbes ranking us #8 best city for singles was more or less universal bafflement.  Were there even seven other cities in the US??  With, uh, singles, that is?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Rankings.  Rankings mean there are Winners and, more importantly, Losers who are Not Us!  But we’re clearly the best city to be single in – so how could we have lost?  Well, Forbes obviously wasn’t evaluating on the right merits (duh). They factored in “culture” (we came in third, losing to … LA???), nightlife (we won!), job growth (jobs [read more...]

So, last week I got an email from one of my favorite editors (Suzanne Zuckerman) over at Page Six magazine alerting me to this traffic-whoring servicey! Forbes listicle on the “Best City for Singles.”  With New York hovering at a dismal #8, did I think agree it was a crap city in which to be Single?

Well … no.  See above for my edited answer, and see the next post for the unedited version.

More importantly, what do you think?

Is NYC the #8 place to be single in America?

So. Forbes came out with this “dubious listicleranking America’s top cities for being single, because lord knows Americans love Rankings. Rankings mean there are Winners and, more importantly, Losers!  Even in categories that sort of can’t at all in any way be quantified!  No matter, sez Forbes.  Put a number next to it and declare it to be that number and then make up fake stuff called “methodology” and pretend you used it to get that number!  “Methodology” that includes stuff like “coolness,” and also “online dating” which is so obviously something that should be tied [read more...]

Re: Neighborhoods. So here’s the question …

I’ll tell you my knee-jerks, and you tell me yours.  And why, please!  I didn’t do that, because I am A) lazy and B) really fucking tired.  Email me

1) Which neighborhood is the best for being single?

West Village.  Duh.

Also perhaps the NYU area, where Meghan lives, near Mercer.  And I suppose the LES, although I don’t get over there that often lately.  But it does seem to be riddled with people who look as if they’re getting laid.

2) Which neighborhood do you want to be seen in these days?

West Village.  Duh.

And I guess, maybe [read more...]

This week’s Time Out NY column, on the nagging inability to get over past loves.

Two caveats: 1) I wrote this about a month ago 2) below version is longer and unedited.

Photo, shot in my bedroom – featuring guest star Lilly! – by the incomparable Pickett.

Just Not That Over Him
by Julia Allison

“It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew.” – Henry Rollins

I read that quote online the other week, on a day when I hadn’t been able to stop myself from thinking about him. Actually – more accurately – [read more...]

This week’s Time Out New York column, “Dirty Words: Is fear of the b-word really about losing a piece of ourselves, or just a cover for not having found the right person?”

(photo by Pickett; dress by Tadashi; location, shoes and volunteer tattooed arms by Shane & Shawn)

Read the unedited piece below:

Fear of the B-Word
Time Out New York
July 3-8, 2008
By Julia Allison

I’ve had boyfriends my entire life, a parade of them since I was 14 – there was Peter, then Greg, then Dan, then Jeff and Mike and James and [read more...]


MAY 7-13, 2007

If you bring up the subject of PDA, the same phrase always seems to surface: crossing the line. But isn’t crossing the line the very thing that makes it enticing?

Not according to Chris, 28, who regularly shows the girls he’s dating—and anyone in a ten-mile radius—how he feels: “Nobody gives a shit about what other people think here,” he says. “And every guy needs to mark his woman—they PDA to mark their territory.”

Gee, I’d always thought that people groped in public because they were so overwhelmed by [read more...]