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Last night’s dinner conversation with my Grandfather

Britt & Allie were in town this weekend for a wedding (thus: the outfits), but we had a chance to hang out as a family Saturday night, just sitting around talking for hours.

You know, I really don’t think I appreciated my family when I was younger … but I certainly do now.  Especially with Allie as the fifth member, and my grandfather now living with my parents.

I’m fully aware that what I’m about to say is about as cliched as it comes – but it bears repeating that you really never know how much time [read more...]

My grandmother, in her natty blue blazer with gold buttons, and my brother, looking like a slug, this morning before church.

Is in honor of Casey’s “Throwback Week” in which she posted photos of her grandparents in their heyday, here is a shot of my maternal grandmother, Phyllis. California resident, mom of four – two girls & two boys – brilliant Stanford graduate, married to my grandfather 60+ years until her passing.

And, um, sort of stunning.

I think my mom looks a lot like her.

So … my dad is an inveterate “clipper.”  By that I mean, he constantly clips/tears out/prints articles he believes I should read, immediately, then almost invariably pairs them with New Yorker cartoons he thinks were written just for me, paperclips them together with a post-it, and leaves them on the desk for when I get home for a visit.  It’s a ritual.  A Special Clipping Related Ritual.

If I’m gone for too long, he’ll mail them to me.  Attention Julia Allison: Important Clipping Related Mail.  He does not actually use these terms, but I understand what it [read more...]

The new blended family, all together!

My mom worked SO hard to make this dinner possible, to celebrate with all of the parents & grandparents Allie & Britt’s return from Paris, and to say goodbye before they head back to Boston on Monday. She absolutely pulled it off – the entire night was just lovely (and I totally managed to surprise them!!)

Around the table were (obviously) Britt & Allie, my father & my mother, Allie’s father & mother, who are just amazing (her dad was raised here, and her mom is from the Philippines [read more...]

If you’re wondering what I’m whispering to camera at the end, it’s “I love ice cream.” FACT.

Britt bringing out the Homer’s ice cream – peppermint, chocolate, vanilla or oreo. YUM.

After the dinner party, we had ice cream and watched two slideshows – one of the wedding photos, and one that my mom & Allie’s mom had made of photos collected of Britt & Allie (about 25% of which I scanned in one lovely all-nighter in early July), from babies through today.  They are going to have the CUTEST kids ever.  I cannot wait for nieces & nephews.  Hopefully loads of both. ;)

My grandmother was (is) a fantastic piano player, but this is her just playing a little something on the way out …