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Long-winded Late Night Life Update, powered by Chocolate ;)

I’m starting to suspect that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in physics – which “holds that the act of measuring a property of a particle alters that property” – might apply to life as well.

In other words, measuring your life (read: talking/writing about it) irrevocably alters it.  And because my life is in total flux right now, I’ve more or less shied away from doing much measurement at all.

But since I’m about to embark upon the semi-annual week of chaos, I wanted to take this last night of quiet to fill you in on a few things – [read more...]

Gone Packin’

Megan came over today (and will be back tomorrow) to help me pack, officially putting her on my Amaze-Ballz Friend-Heroes Hall of Fame Honors Award Prize List.  Although we spent half the time eating & talking, we did finish packing the entire kitchen, half of the “living” room (ie: my ten boxes of books), and several other small sections.  I now have no room to walk, however. (The perils of moving from a studio.)  Tonight my job is to start going through my clothing to determine what things I need for the next month, as I won’t have access to [read more...]

Why not sell everything but the clothes on your back? That’s how Keanu Reeves used to do it.

Why not sell everything but the clothes on your back? That’s how Keanu Reeves used to do it.

Reader Raleigh

Oh, yeah, because Keanu is a good model to follow in all things.  ;) WWKRD? – What Would Keanu Reeves Do?  HAHA

First of all, I LOVE YOU GUYS.  Secondly, ya’ll move A LOT.  And third, you certainly have had disparate financial experiences with the process – everything from $1000 and renting a truck to $16k full-service.  I’m impressed.  And intimidated.

So, because I received SO many helpful tips on moving in my inbox, I want to reprint a few of them here, below:

From: Charlotte
Date: July 30, 2010 10:30:12 AM EDT
Subject: Moving

Hi Julia,

I just moved from Chapel Hill NC to Boston MA. It cost $5,000 for our 1 bedroom apartment, and we had almost 5x what you are [read more...]

Make packing FUN! Smile always!

Make packing FUN! Smile always!
the mover I ended up going with from RLCarriers / YouCrate, who I am concerned is on some sort of heavy dose of SSRI.  Packing is not fun!  No smiling is allowed during a move!!!!

Moving sticker shock (ahh!)

I just wrote a friend of mine this email: “Anyway, my movers just got back to me and said it would be $4000 to move my LESS THAN ONE ROOM across the country, plus $200 / month to store it. INSANE.  Maybe I’m totally naive but that seems really, really, really high.  But I don’t really know how to judge it??”

I have barely any furniture (I’m selling my table and chairs and my canopy bed and even my bookshelves) – just a chest of drawers and a nightstand and a desk with glass hutch, plus a mattress … how [read more...]

After much digging in my oldest iPhotos library, I found the very first photo I took on the day I moved to New York in November of 2004.

This was my bedroom at 295 Park Avenue South (on the corner of 23rd street).  $1200 a month. It was impossible to clean, really old, really loud, really dark, and we had mice.  A lot of them.  But I was in New York!!  None of that really mattered.  (Okay.  The mice mattered.  But the rest of it was all an adventure.)

The only thing I can think when I [read more...]