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Long-winded Late Night Life Update, powered by Chocolate ;)

I’m starting to suspect that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle in physics – which “holds that the act of measuring a property of a particle alters that property” – might apply to life as well.

In other words, measuring your life (read: talking/writing about it) irrevocably alters it.  And because my life is in total flux right now, I’ve more or less shied away from doing much measurement at all.

But since I’m about to embark upon the semi-annual week of chaos, I wanted to take this last night of quiet to fill you in on a few things – [read more...]

BIG NEWS: I’M MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My landlord sold the apartment in which I now live, and I have to be out by August 13th, so I spent the past two weeks looking for apartments in Manhattan – but when I put a deposit down on one I really liked, something just didn’t feel right.

So after (almost) six years in New York, I’ve decided it’s time to, uh, mix it up a bit.  

I’ve been thinking about moving since October of last year, but inertia (and perhaps a bit of fear) got in my way.  Plus, as [read more...]