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Age 7, unable to spell.


My late Grandfather Bill, my father’s dad

My parents in the 80s.  They look totally baller, IMHO.

Um, and I would totally borrow this dress if my Mom still owned it.

I think this photo was taken my sophomore year in high school, although it’s hard to tell exactly. My dad (and Britt, of course) looks so YOUNG here!!!

God, I wish I could wear shorts like that now.  Ugh.  I was 110 pounds throughout high school and I remember genuinely believing that I would have that body forever.


7th Grade Yearbook Staff Photo

Um, guess which one I am?

Yeah.  The one with the white headband, matching Keds & giant grin (with braces!) in my cheerleading uniform.  Uh-huh.  I was a cheerleader.  And yes, we wore our uniforms on game day – just like the Cheerios on GLEE!  Except not popular (at least I wasn’t). Or talented. At all.

And I have VHS video to prove it.

(*Thanks God there was no YouTube back then*)

Circa 1987/8: I don’t even know where to start with this outfit. With the side ponytail? The fact that I’m wearing white leggings? Perhaps the giant pink sweatshirt … with a SHEEPDOG on it? Or shall we discuss the white high-tops?

Although this is incontrovertible proof that my love of pink spans DECADES. 

My mom & I were just on the phone for about an hour going through old shots of my little brother for this massive slideshow she’s preparing for the rehearsal dinner.

This is one of my favorite.  I can’t believe how adorable Britty is, with those huge eyes.  Awww.

Please forgive my jogs down memory lane for the next two weeks.  He’s the only brother I have – and you know how sentimental I am.  :)

With Little Brother, circa 1984

We fought like crazy when we were kids, but I love this little guy, and I am going to bawl during his wedding.

Um, yes, this photo really did happen.

Please note:

1) My unexplainable sideburns.  WHY DO I HAVE SIDEBURNS??!?
2) My flowered baseball cap from The Gap.
3) The fanny pack.  Dear god.
4) The pink velcro high tops.  Wow.
5) Britt’s jean jacket … with matching jean baseball cap. Worn backwards.
6) The actual skateboards that we actually owned, non-ironically.

I have no words. 

Little brother and me, Circa 1987, with our Grandpa Herb (my mom’s dad)

How badass are my saddle shoes, ruffled socks, giant pink bow and sour expression?

And check out Britt’s weapon and inexplicable cowboy boots – with socks?

File Under: Awesome 80s Fashion, WHAT!