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WALL STREET JOURNAL: Julia Allison of Miss Advised Does Yoga to Stay in Reality

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Julia Allison of “Miss Advised” Does Yoga to Stay in Reality
The Wall Street Journal
By Katherine Rosman

October 1, 2012

Julia Allison, 31, approaches appearing on a reality television show similarly to how she embarks upon practicing yoga.

Before Allison started shooting “Miss Advised,” a Bravo series about three women hunting for boyfriends, she set her intentions. Which are, she says: “Be authentic”; “Don’t take yourself too seriously”; “You can make a lot of mistakes and still be happy.”

It has [read more...]

So thrilled that The Pink Palace is featured on AOL’s ShelterPop today!! Thank you to editor Amy for doing such a fantastic job on the piece.  My quirky little erstwhile home would be proud. :)

Check out the entire article (and accompanying photographs) here!

AOL City’s Best just interviewed me on my favorite New York City spots – check out the piece here!

Wall Street Journal: Bing’s Taxi Ad is the Next Little Thing

Wall Street Journal: Bing’s Taxi Ad is the Next Little Thing

“There’s a new way to gauge whether you’ve, as they say, made it in New York: You’re featured in an advertisement for Bing in a taxi cab.”

So I’ve achieved Life Goal #28: be quoted in the Wall St Journal. Now I just need to hit #29: Get my face in those gray dot matrix profile pics they do.



I didn’t know what was (still don’t – I’ll have to go check them out), but the young lady interviewing me was quite beautiful! Not sure what she meant asking Meghan about throwing pig’s blood on me. It didn’t sound good.  Hmmm …

Chic Geeks on The Daily Beast

Chic Geeks on The Daily Beast

I think this is the first time I’ve been quoted in my favorite online magazine-newspaper-commentary website, The Daily Beast!

Granted, it was a super lame quote!  But that’s okay. Gotta start somewhere.

In case you missed my declaration of celibacy in the New York Post, you can read the piece here.

I will say this: not dating has really freed up a lot of time!  hahahah

With my bff Colin Powell at the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. ;)

Check out the piece in today’s Washington Post about how I crashed the 2007 dinner to cover it for The Huffington Post … awww, memories.

My little six-word memoir is in this book!

Wait for it …

Dating Columnist.  Doesn’t take own advice.

oh, snap!

Check out reporter David Seaman’s February 2nd profile of me here